Nellie Smith Photography | About
A little about Nellie...

Nellie Smith has always had an eye for great photography. Starting in her high school days, Nellie fell in love with photography, when her favorite teacher, Donna Wilson, taught Nellie everything she could about the craft of photography. Nellie took that education far, winning several awards at an early age, and even becoming her high school newspaper's Photo Editor.

Her skill with the camera and her eye for detail caught the attention of longtime professional photographer David Dale, who on a photo shoot for Nellie hired her on the spot. After six years of apprentice work, Nellie began her own studio with her now-former boss' blessing and help.

For over ten years, Nellie has been calling her own shots, capturing weddings, family pictures, senior photos, and children's portraits - even taking the occasion picture of the family dog.

Throughout all of this, Nellie's friends, family, and clients continue to find her work amazing and beautiful.

We invite you to look through Nellie's galleries, and hope you too will join the ever-growing list of satisfied clients Nellie considers more than just customers - they're family.