A little about me...

I have been a photographer in Lincoln for 20 years!  I fell in love with photography in high school all thanks to my favorite teacher, Donna Wilson.  I took every class I could including being Wilson's TA and the newspaper photography editor.  During my senior photo session at David Dale Photography we CLICKED! (ha ha!)  David offered me a job to be his assistant and I jumped on the offer and worked and learned along side of him for 6 years.  I started feeling the longing for my own studio and business and he fully supported and helped me branch out on my own. It definitely was scary to step out on my own! I opened my studio space in the Bottlers Building 14 years ago. I have been blessed to have amazing clients who share my work with their friends and family and have helped me grow my studio.  

My studio has grown with the help of many friends, just to name a few, Natalie, Andria, and Misty have all spent countless hours cheering me on, helping me make big decisions and making my studio what it is today.  My family has stood by my side through this roller coaster of business and they have always supported my dreams. 

 6 years ago I met the love of my life Matt and we had a whirlwind year of dating, moving in together and a proposal.  We said our vows to each other on 8/8/2015 in a huge party to celebrate!  2016 we welcomed our sweet baby girl and in 2019 our handsome little boy. 

I have dreamed of 3 things all of my life, a successful photography studio, a husband, and a family.  God has blessed me beyond measure with all of my dreams and so much more!